Banksters is not recommended for people suffering from A bad art condition. High fud pressure Or who have recently been exposed to illegal rugs. I really meme it. Long ago..... In the before time, Crypto Art was a magical place, It was home to a small group of dreamers, rebels, and eccentrics. Not everyone was an experienced artist. But they were ALL crypto people. (Including the collectors) And they all believed in the ethos of crypto... They saw great value in expressing their voice....and protecting it. This was reflected in the attitude and the art.... Cartoon animals in human accessories were a popular theme at Disney.... "Fuck the Banks" was a popular theme in Crypto Art. The art was created for expression not profiteering. There were no rugs, influencers, manipulators, or schemers. There was no copying, cancelling, or signaling. There were no factions or hierarchies. There was no focus on differences. The community wasn't split by characteristics, ideologies, or "identities". Everyone identified as "Crypto Artist". It began and ended there. Over time, a system of value formed around them. It was aligned with their own values. It was much different than the outside world. It placed greater worth on the intangible aspects of humanity. But, to the people in Crypto Art, it made sense. And because everyone was there to make, not take.... All who participated, increased the ecosystem's value. Crypto Art was a sanctuary... a truly special place. But it was not just the artists and collectors that made it special. What made it truly special........ Was the total absence of bloodsuckers. They are the know. The bloodsuckers.... If you have ever felt like the world just doesn't make sense.. Like everything is backwards and broken... It is. And Bloodsuckers are to blame. Bloodsuckers steal and feed from the value good people create. They are infected by the greed contagion... Which leaves them unable to produce value themselves. So, wherever, and whenever good people create value.. Bloodsuckers come to steal it. When they showed up in Crypto Art... They came in droves and their presence was obvious. They talked of flipping, utility, and whitelists. The used catchy acronyms... and words like alpha. Bloodsuckers know what they are doing. They are experts at controlling groups of people. They specialize in persuasion, deception, and manipulation. They are cunning and tenacious. They craft and control elaborate systems.... Creating an image of perceived importance for themselves. While exploiting the tendencies of good people. They create an increasing dependence on the system. Because of this, many people look up to bloodsuckers. It's easy to get caught up in it all.... But make no mistake, they are the enemy. They bring no value to this world. They only steal it. Take for instance, the global monetary system..... A system which we accept, surrender, and adhere to. Despite being completely controlled by bloodsuckers. The key ingredient, however, is good people. The system requires their participation.... It is fed entirely from the value they create. Bloodsuckers need good people to play along. To obey their unjust laws. And to acknowledge their baseless claims of ownership. In reality, it is good people that have no need for bloodsuckers. Bloodsuckers continue to maintain control.... Only because their commitment to stealing our value, Is greater than our commitment to protecting it. The approach is simple, but effective. Deprive. Distract. and Divide. Beat us down, spin us around, and make us fight each other. Together and informed, we are dangerous. Educated and in action, we are unstoppable. There is nothing more terrifying to bloodsuckers, than a group of normies working together.. willing to fight and reclaim the value that has been stolen from them. In the before time, we understood all this. We were a team... and the banks were the enemy. Crypto Art was a weapon.... and a shield.... To carry our voice. To protect our value. But a weapon and a shield are only of use, if they are used. We can take advantage of each other. Or we can take advantage of the technology. It really is up to us. This collection contains 1500 reminders. 1500 immutable, factual records..... 1500 reasons to say those words we used to live by FUCK THE BANKS This is crypto art. By a crypto artist. For crypto people. I really meme it.

Crypto wasn’t created to make the early adopters rich. It wasn’t created to make life easy for just a handful of us.  Crypto was created to liberate us. All of us. Like all things who were savvy enough, who were technical enough, who were eccentric and progressive enough to get here early…. we have a responsibility.  

Crypto wasn’t created This isn’t an art collection. It’s not a PFP collection. There was no whitelist, no marketing, no roadmap, or. There are no influencers. This is crypto art. It’s not made  it serves as an information repository. It holds permanent and immutable records of crimes committed by financial institutions. Information which often escapes news coverage. All information is sourced from authentic government records. This is all factual and indisputable, there are no baseless claims or assumptions. A single case can often cover several years of criminality and law breaking. This project contains information detailing 1500 total cases.   The information is stored in both the metadata and image. 

This project is intended to remind people who we allow to control this world’s value and it’s resources, and to bring people together so that perhaps we may start to actually organize and fight back.  The Banksters are beyond selfish. They are blinded and infected with Greed. They will never steal enough. They will never be satisfied. They will only stop when we stop them. We must reject their corrupt systems, hold them accountable, and take back the value they have stolen.

The real power is… and always will be…in the hands of the people who bring value to this earth. Whether or not we use it, is up to us. 

My name is Brandon. I’ve been a Crypto Artist for 5 years. I joined SuperRare in early 2019. I love crypto art. I love what crypto stands for. If you want to talk more, connect with me.

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